Transforming food waste into beer!

Updated: May 31, 2021

Here we are on the 4th episode of Weekly gupshup with Circular Collective.

2020 adventures are nearing its tail end and merriness and festivities are all around the corner. This year has brought all of us

face 2 face with the good, the bad and the ugly side of human health which undeniably is directly linked to planet's health.

However by now we are seasoned to deal with change and are ready to plunge in into 2021.

For me 2020 has been dramatic and eventful, and hey

Circular Business Podcast-India came into existence during this time.

We hope you like this special segment of our podcast where myself and Piyush Dhawan bring to you amazing examples from the globe in the context of sustainability and circular economy..they are world examples which India and our citizens can take inspiration from and drive change.

Today we are going to discuss about Toast Ale. Toast Ale are brewing quality beers by using surplus bread to replace virgin barley thereby helping the planet and people by reducing the demand for land, water and energy, avoiding emissions and keeping our spirits high!

One of the most frequently wasted foodstuffs is bread. As a relatively cheap product with a short shelf life, bread is chucked out at an astonishing rate, as supermarket surplus as well as in the home. Did you know that discarded bread can be used to replace a third of the malted grain used in beer brewing?

Toast have hit upon a business model that could help this practice scale around the world. By actively sharing the recipe for their pale ale, the startup provides the basis for replication by other breweries in collaboration with Toast, adapting to local bread available and brewing traditions.

Hit play and prepare to be amazed!

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