Casual Friday's no more!

When was the last time you got dressed up?

2020's homebound work has certainly changed our perception around #fashion for good. Seven years back when I graduated from college and walked into the orientation of the corporate world, I remember feeling secretly restrained when an organization got to decide “what type of clothes one should wear”.

It surprised me even more when I overheard lunch time gossips around someone’s clothing! ..Okay now I see it, if someone wears casual clothes to work, its the others bothered by it who have an unproductive day! ;)

Fast forward to today, one’s productivity at work is directly proportional to casual comfortable clothing.

Look I understand, many folks find an expression through their clothes, which is good for them (if their choices are aligned with the corporate policy), however many across the world just end up following the mob because HR policies in those organizations have rules for one’s #clothing. took a pandemic for many of us to start questioning oldskool rules around #productivity, and if you haven’t done it yet, then go ahead and start a productive conversation within your workplace today;

OR simply tag them here in the comments if you want to avoid confrontation, yet spark a thought.


Hey if this idea makes you cringe, then here is a fun video that might lighten you up.

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